Jencita - Mallary Hope & Ryan Dokke Get Engaged At The Opry- She Get's My Life!



It was an evening to remember Saturday October 26, 2013 at the opry for Mallary Hope as her now Fiance Ryan Dokke popped the big question inside the Opry Circle!! Dokke was a mastermind behind the whole thing! Mals’ family was in attendance, minus one of her sister’s who was dearly missed. Luckily for her the whole thing is captured via photos and video! The proposal is even set to air on Fox and Friends! Way to go Dokke!!

Here is Hope being told she had to go rehearse before she played the Opry Saturday night, to which she replied “What? I’ve never had to rehearse before!” in her cute southern Accent. Little did she know she would soon be an Engaged Woman!

Ryan I heard you got down on your knees.. and asked her to be your wife.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that she said yes
and word like that spreads like wildfire.

She gets the wedding, she gets the white dress
She gets the veil and the church filled room with all
her best friends.
She gets the first kiss, she gets the last name
She gets the ring on her hand, the white picket fence,
she gets everything.

Doke is A Manager and Northeast Regional Promotion for ARISTA RECORDS (I.E. Carrie Underwood) so he definitely has the right connections to have made all of this happen! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who had Mallary invited to the Opry to play!

It was also a special night for another reason, Hope lost one of her best friends to Breast Cancer last month, September 13, 2013. Her husband, who played in Hope’s first band when she was 12 was there to play the Opry with her for the first time, a song that was inspired by something his wife told Hope. Hope found out about an ex getting married and thus “She Gets My Life” was created. 

(Hope with Dustin King before performing on the Opry Together)

As sweet Irony would have it, Hope now Gets My Life! She gets the wedding and even the white dress!

Here is the audio of Hope introducing Dustin, talking about getting engaged and them performing ‘She Gets My Life’

Let’s look back on some tweets from a couple months ago

Well thank you Mallary for being that one more person added to MY newsfeed! ;)
The best tweet of the night goes to: 
Hope tweeted a few months prior about losing her health insurance since she turned 26 “Happy Birthday To Me.”
Enjoy some more pictures of the soon to be Dokke’s and more from the Opry!
(Mallary Hope with her parents)
(Mallary Hope with her siblings, minus Amber)
(The Opry posted this one of Hope and Mark Wills who also performed)
(Ryan and Mal with Chuck Wicks who also performed at the Opry)
(@briankaplan thanks buddy for catching everything on camera. - @mallaryhope)
(“Thank you Matt for being awesome and taking care of us. All things digital come to us thanks to you @opry - @Mallaryhope)

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds! Couldn’t of happened to a nicer couple! 
Congratulations you two! 
Here is a video Of Hope and King performing She Gets My Life backstage at the Opry!

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