Jencita - Introducing Taylor Swift’s New Back Up Singers: ...

Introducing Taylor Swift’s New Back Up Singers:

From Left To Right: (Top Photo)

Carly Thomas Smith Actress/Singer

She’s been in an episode of Friends! and Revenge among others.

IMBD Page:

Myspace Page with Music:

Mini Bio: After graduating from Sarah Lawrence, Carly settled in New York City and performed at such prestigious venues as Birdland, the Rainbow Room and The Plaza, just to mention a few. Her career shifted gears when she was cast in the Broadway production of the Tony Award winning musical RENT. As an active member in the Broadway community, Carly proudly became a member of the acclaimed Broadway Inspirational Voices, a gospel choir comprised of Broadway singers, and performed with them at several marquee events, including the Tony Awards.

Melanie Nyema (@melanienyema)

Auditoned for American Idol Season 7

here’s a video of her audition:

Mini Bio: Sang Back up for Taylor Hicks and More Recently Shoshana Bean who is big in the Broadway world! She is also good friends with the other new back up singer Kamilah Marshall

Clare Turton (FB Page)


Mini Biography

Clare Louise Turton was born on 15 September 1976 in Sheffield, UK and began dancing at the age of 3. She studied dancing, modeled for fashion shows and appeared in commercials before landing a role on the TV show “Man O Man”. Clare Louise has worked as a back up singer and dancer on Tina Turner’s 24/7 tour and worked with with the Spice Girls and Cher, as well as appeared on Rosie O’Donnell Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She is currently touring, modeling and working on her solo career.

Kamilah Marshall- (@kamilahmarshall) Her website:

Fun Facts: 

Shayna Steele (David Cook’s Wife) is the first person she followed on twitter. She’s friends with them and has worked with Shayna on the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack ( ”Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,)  I’m guessing David hooked her up with the gig, just like he’s the reason Daniel was on the last tour. 

Mini Bio: Kamilah has been one of the Staggering Harlettes, singing backup for Bette Midler, recently closing in “The Showgirl Must Go On” at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Broadway fans know her from “RENT,” “Hairspray,” and Disney’s “The Lion King,” while her LA followers find her at Molly Malone’s and the House of Blues on the Strip.

You Can Buy Her Album Here:

Bottom Pic:

Left To Right:

Kamilah Marshall, Clare Turton, Melanie Nyema, Carly Thomas Smith

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